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Microphone for taking video from your phone

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

It seems we are all using our phones for videos, especially in business. Yet having a microphone for taking video from your phone is something people often do not consider. If you are a Realtor or outside or even in an office where there is background noise, you will want to have a wireless microphone so that people will hear you rather than the noise.

My favorite microphone to use is this one. You simply plug in the transmitter to your phone jack (where you would put in headphones) and then clip the mic on yourself or someone else. Turn them both on (I have forgotten to do that at times) and then go ahead and take the video. Once done, if you want to listen to what you filmed, make sure to remove the transmitter so that you can hear it.

The distance range is within 50ft in an open field without degradation of the audio response, it can work compatible with smart phones/PCs/Laptops/voice amplifiers/cameras/ multimedia/ and more.

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Check out my video below. I created it in my car and then even turned up the radio. And, you can STILL hear me! Scroll further down and check out a video I did outside with traffic in the background!

Here is a video I did outside at the Hospitality House in Owatonna with traffic in the background. With a 4-way stop, cars were zooming by and yet you can still hear hear very well. Imagine if you were outside a home, at a grand opening or ribbon cutting or simply featuring your store or business in a video or a live video feed. This mic will have all of your audience hearing you rather than the background. Please note that I only put online things that I USE and that I know work. I have been doing marketing and advertising for over 20 years, with 10 of them being online and it is my passion to share the tools and tips I have with others.

Thank you so much! Wishing you a fabulous day!

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