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Social media seems to always be changing - which is great but it also means you have a LOT to keep up on.  Sign up for our Stay Updated on Social Media program. 


We'll update you monthly on what is trending, things that have changed and what is coming so you can be confident in your marketing.  If there is something that pops up, we won't wait to get the information to you, we'll send it right away! 


Your Stay Updated program will include video training to show you new ways of doing things.  Because as we all know - there is always something new.  


Sign up today!   Investment includes 1 FULL YEAR!  ⭐️ The $469 investment covers an ENTIRE YEAR!! ⭐️  That's just $39 per month!

Stay Updated on Social Media (Yearly)

$699.00 Regular Price
$469.00Sale Price
  • You'll receive your training through email once a day so you can learn with ease and not be overwhelmed.  At the end of the training, you will continue to receive notices when there are updates or changes to social media so you can continue to learn.   There is NO REFUND.

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