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Stay Updated

We all know that social media changes... constantly.  You could literally spend hours sorting through it all and trying to wrap your mind around it all.  Take back your time with our Stay Updated Social Media program.  We'll send you the latest on social media and keep you updated on some tools, trends and more! 

You'll get:
* Weekly video tutorial on things you can easily implement on social media
* Access to monthly themed Master Classes - some topics coming up are:  Hash tags, Instagram, Creating Images and more.
* Information and training on tools to save you time
* A monthly "Help me Holly" opportunity to send in your questions to have them rotated in on the weekly tutorials.  

Who is this for?
This is for those who already are using their Facebook Business page for business and are comfortable with marketing on it.  Yet, feel at times overwhelmed with all there is to know and don't have the time to sign up for every new program.  I sort through the new stuff and share what it important and leave the rest out.  Each month we get to the point and make it quick so you can learn, apply and move on. 

It is for someone who wants:

  • Simplified Training

  • No requirements to join a group or attend a Zoom meeting.  All training comes via email.

  • The ability to learn on your own time

  • To keep up on social media tools with ease

  • Easy one-time yearly investment (great tax write off)

Your Stay Updated program will include video training to show you new ways of doing things.  Because as we all know - there is always something new.  


Sign up today!   Investment includes 1 FULL YEAR! 

⭐️ The $469 investment covers an ENTIRE YEAR!! ⭐️  That's just $39 per month!

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